Do you work over weekends?

Yes. If you send me an essay on Saturday and ask for a response in 24 hours, I will finish the job on Sunday.

Why did you charge me more than the essay length specified?

I calculate the price based on the number of words in the document you send me, not on the number of words you are supposed to submit.

There is a lot more work in editing an overlong essay down to the right length than there is in editing an essay which is already the correct length.

How can I easily see the changes you have made to my essay?

I use Track Changes in MS Word to alter your essay. This preserves what I have deleted, and allows you to choose whether to accept the changes I have made. I also use Comments to make suggestions without altering what you have written.

What if I disagree with the changes you have made?

You can ignore any changes I have made if you wish. I am also happy to discuss my editing decisions with you.


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